Saturday, November 06, 2004

Sometimes it sucks!

I just want to say, that sometimes it sucks. Let me explain! Have you ever had it that there would be this person that you liked. And you could not have them? I mean not cause they were going out with anyone but because you could not have them. Okay maybe I should explain. I will not date someone who is not from my church federation. If they are not Canadian Reformed, or any sister church we have, I will not date them. I have already gotten into some serious discussions over this with class mates, but I know that it does not work. I did it once, and I was comprimising my faith. That is not something I want to do at all, because then I do not have a faith. Well, There is this person. And I really like him. But alas he does not go to my church. He does go to church which is a bonus. But not mine. So I am stuck. And because of human nature, I can not stop it. AHH so hence, it sometimes sucks! So here I am, trying to control my emotions and yet I still like him. What do I do? Maybe I sould just stop talking to him, and then I will be mean, and then he will not talk to me and then it is fixed, but I will be sad, because of the no talky. Sigh. Sometimes life is hard, but I have to bite the bullet and carry on. THe best thing I can do is pray. And Rely on God to help me solve my problem.

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