Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Listening to a song.

Do you ever have it when you are listening to a song, and it totally speaks to you. Well I was listening to Avolons song Everything to Me and the lyrics just popped out. Especially the Chorus. So here they are:

Everything to me,
He's more than a story,
more than words on a page, of history,
He is the air that I breath,
the water I thirst for,
and the ground beneath my feet,
Oh, He's everything,
everything to me.

And I am reading this and I am like, hello this is the way that it should be. Having God as my everything. That He is not just there, but He is around me, in my heart, that he is the first thing that I think about. He is everything to me. I was saying to a friend last night, that although my day was so horrible, I could not imagine what it would be if I did not have God. It would have been alot worse. Because then no one would have prayed with me. and I would not have been able to feel better after that. So it just proves that God has to be everything. The big bases on how I live my life.

I Need him these days, because I to have to be strong for my friends. We are all going through a stressful time, and if I am stressed I will not be able to help them. Either by encoraging them or even praying with them. Although praying helps when I am stressed to.

I think I just have to keep praying cause God will be there to hold me up and never let me fall. He is everything to me.

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