Monday, November 15, 2004

More to say

Today was just an eventful day. Although this entry is more about yesterday then anything else.

So yesterday I was at Young peoples. ( a society for my church group!) and we had a huge discussion on dating outside of the church. What suprised me is the number of people that said it was okay if they were dating a christian. It kinda shocked me I think because I know how hard it is not to, but yet it is so much easier if you don't. You know what I am trying to say. Anyway and then my friend pulls me aside after. ( cause I was the one that brought it up) And asks if I was okay, and that he will be there if I need him. Well, how did he know that I was having troubles. I did not tell him. Anyway it was all confusing. But I know the truth and really I will stick to it. I am putting God first. But I told My friend something and then when I was home I put it to words.

so here it is.

Can you come here and tell them
can you come and show them
that I am a person of honour,
that I am a person to love.
I am not just some individual.
But someone so special,
so true
so real.
That it does not matter what I look like
what I say
what I wear.
It does not matter how I act
just as long as I care.
Can you come over here and tell them,
can you come and show them,
that I am easy to love.

So there it is, I wish that there were more guys like my fruit (see earlier entries) I mean he likes me for who I am. And not for someone I could be ARRRGGG!!! sometimes!
Boys we must throw Rocks at them because they are dumme!

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ashley said...

Hey al
just wancha to know that i luv ya and you know that you're doing the right thing.
anyways, if you need ta chat call me