Monday, November 22, 2004

Seussical is OVER!

Who would have thought that I am happy that seussical is over. I mean it was great, the cast did a really good job, and for the most part were alot of fun. And the make up people. Whoot whoot Amber Regean and Jo! But I have had enough. my feet are sore and I have no voice. I guess that is what comes with the territory of my job. Gopher. he he! But I loved it and I am not complaining. Although when people ask what I am doin there so early and I do not need to be. And yet they do not realize that yes I do need to be there. Okay so there are times were I was just sitting or doing nothing. BUt if someone needed me I was there. And so there, anyone who thought different can shove it! that is what I have to say. And the play its self was amazing. I mean they were great! I just have seuss songs coming out of my ying yang. (as I sure the rest of the cast does too!) But hey they deserve all the credit they can get. The cast party was fun. I enjoyed my self for the most part. Although there was a time when it was serious. But hey *Hugs*! ( you know who you are! Anyway, now that it is over I can go back to doin normal things like school. But let me say this. I am proud of everyone!!!!!!!! You are amazing in my books!

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