Monday, November 08, 2004

Wrote some more.

I wrote a few more poems and figured I would stick them on here. So heres they are.

Forbidden Fruit.

My heart stops when I look at you,
And I wonder: do you look at me too?
My mouth goes dry,
I’m in the sky,
Every time I speak to you.
My heart is weak,
When with my eyes I seek,
The power of your love.
I try to stop,
I try to run,
I try not to let my feelings drown in the sun.
But as I look in your face,
I feel like I am lost in this place.
But as I think of what could be done,
I realize while my heart weighs a ton,
You are the Forbidden Fruit.
Alyson ‘04

There is a River

There is a river that we are faced with every day
It flows in front of us, it does not go away.
The water is murky, and makes us sad
So sad, that sometimes our feelings turn to mad.
When we look in that river, oh so grey,
We are silent, not knowing what to say.
But as we think of this river, and how it flows,
We remember that there is a God who knows.
He knows why the water is murky and dark,
Why in our hearts it has made a mark.
He knows of our sorrows, our grief and our pain
He knows of our hurts, our failure to gain.
As we lift our hearts to him and Pray
His hand takes the murky water away.
And right before you,
Is a river you never have to fear,
Because it is no longer murky
But instead Crystal Clear.

Alyson '04

Enjoy them. Have a great day.

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