Thursday, September 09, 2004

First Days Of School

Well, school has started. And I am already kinda sick of it. Although isn't it always like that? It is funny but a year ago today, I was in Switzerland driving to Holland. And instead I am only thinking about it. Sigh. But school is okay, I mean I have met some cool people and they make class more interesting. Especially Greg, who really thinks the best German class is no german class. And Natasha and I have fun. Oh and just to let you know, we have desided that Boys are horrible adn we have to throw rocks at them. Yep that is it. Anyway Live is okay and Oh I am in Hand bells next sememster and okay so it is not as great as choir, it is still cool. :) I love music.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bummed OUT!

Okay first of all sorry for not writing so long, moving sucks. Anyway so far the only good thing is.. I have my diploma, for everyone that knows, there was ALOT of red tape. Anyway and now the sucky thing. Everyone was telling me how I was going to get into choir and how I was a in. Yeah well, today I had my audition and it went well until the stupid sight reading. So I started and screwed up, and then it started going from there. And then the unevitable happens. Hooper states " you have beautiful tone, and beautiful range! but....... You need to work on your sight reading. I really want you back next year. So please try next year, cause I want you." But as you guessed it not this year. SIGH! I think I need a big hug. And sorry Evan, I guess we can not be choir buddies, at least we can be German buddies. But anyway though I said I wasn't upset, I was. Still am. Oh well! Life goes on.
Choir or no choir I still like life!