Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bummed OUT!

Okay first of all sorry for not writing so long, moving sucks. Anyway so far the only good thing is.. I have my diploma, for everyone that knows, there was ALOT of red tape. Anyway and now the sucky thing. Everyone was telling me how I was going to get into choir and how I was a in. Yeah well, today I had my audition and it went well until the stupid sight reading. So I started and screwed up, and then it started going from there. And then the unevitable happens. Hooper states " you have beautiful tone, and beautiful range! but....... You need to work on your sight reading. I really want you back next year. So please try next year, cause I want you." But as you guessed it not this year. SIGH! I think I need a big hug. And sorry Evan, I guess we can not be choir buddies, at least we can be German buddies. But anyway though I said I wasn't upset, I was. Still am. Oh well! Life goes on.
Choir or no choir I still like life!

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