Sunday, November 14, 2004

My Best Friend

Well, I took my best friend to Concordia basketball games yesterday, and she was also able to meet my friends from school. I think she liked them. She called them Crazy, but really they are so there is no denying that! Anyway I just wanted to dedicate this post to her. I love her so much. We have been through thick and thin together. And we both know that you can not break us. No matter how hard some may try.

She knows me so well, so very well! she sees right through me sometimes. I can hide nothing from her. But that is good I think. Someone that knows me that well. I think sometimes she knows me better then me. Especially me at the moment. I know I am denial, about alot of things, but she knows my feelings, and my attitude and she is worried about me. ( don't worry sweetie, I will not let you down!)

I just have to say that she is my hero. I mean she has been through alot, with and without me. And she is sticking to things even if she does not want to. She is beautiful! (Inside and out!) and she is my pillar!

She asked me what I would do with out her, and I told her, I would do nothing because I will never be with out you. She is everywere I am. ( no not in person!) And then I said if she was not there I would die! I really do not know what I would do!

That is why I have to say, Girl I love YOU!
(ahh that rhymes!)

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ashley said...

Hey alyson, how's it going?
just want you to know that i luv ya
i've got a blog now too.
if you wanna check it out
i'll talk to you later