Sunday, November 28, 2004

Alyson is moving on

Well this is exciting news. So I was in the car with two of my older distingushed married friends today. And I found out that His brother has become recently single. And this guy is like so fun. Although he is really shy, but I figure that is okay. And the thing is, I am really the only person he has talked to in our church. No one else has even tried. ( which I find is really dumb but hey!) And we get along well. And the fact that I get along with his brother and sister in law. Yippee. And the sister in law suggested to set us up! Yeah that would be fine with me! He is from my Church so that is a big thing, and then he is a hard worker, and he is friendly, but he is really shy. But hey we can work on that! So that is exciting!

ps. Too my two lovely girls A and T, I think you both are beautiful! And happy things will come!

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