Monday, November 29, 2004

Worst day in the history of man!

Well folks this settles it, today was the worst day in the history of my life! Although like any other day there were some good points to it. Anyway it started with singing lessons when I just could not sing the song. and then I could not do music class, and then I could not do ear training! (but that is over!) and I failed a german test. JOYS!!!! and I keep spilling on myself! Yeah, but anyway enough bad things. I did want to say that I have amazing friends that helped me through today. Thank you you know who you are! Oh and I taught Scott the bag game, when you stick your hand in and then pull something out, it becomes yours. I pulled out his hand. Enough said. and I got to cuddle.( well sleep on his shoulder!) And I ask, y cant more guys be like him and Andrew? Amber babe, your lucky! But anyway, I have had enough, so I am going to crawl in a blanket and sleep for an hour before monday night kids.

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Anonymous said...

Hey hun, Amber here.
Hope your day gets better, I really think you'll like monday night kids tonight I can see you fitting in really well there.

But trust me, not all guys are super great! Just read my xanga! lol. He can frustrate the heck out of me sometimes. (Yay! I am getting better at the language!) But I still love him to pieces, and I love you to hun! See you tonight!