Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Well Natasha's Capstone went really well! She was great and so was everyone else. And people really liked it. Anyway I am a little grumpy at the moment. I am having a party at my house on Saturday and I told all of my friends about it. And someone Not saying names but its a boy! Said he was going to be there! for like 3 weeks he said he would be there. And is he coming. NO! I think I understand why I mean everyone has to go and see their parents sometime. But ARRRGGG! It kinda frustrated me cause he said he was coming. I know I should not make this big of a deal about this as I am. Maybe it is because of my lack of sleep, but it really upset me. and to just say, Oh I am not coming I am going home instead. Instead of doing it a little nicer like, "hey I really wish I Could come, but I miss my family and this weekend is the best one for me to go and see them. I hope you do not care." That would have been a little nicer. Anyway now that I am done raving. ( ps. if you read this man, Oh well!) I think I just have to be like what ever, and be happy that my other good friends are going to be there.

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