Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Old Times

So I ran into one of my old class mates from Grant Macewan today on the bus. It seems really wierd that I am still going to school and yet half of my class mates are not anymore. But I am okay with it. Although this week, I have been stressing because I have mid terms. And sometimes I wonder why I don't just forget it and go with my Rehab. and that is it. Arrrggg sometimes life choices are always so frusterating. Although I do not think I could leave this school I have made to many friends. But sometimes, I think " do they like me, or not" and it is really wierd cause I should not think that at all. I know they like me, cause if they did not, then I would not be hanging with them would I? Oh well. It was just wierd to know that I did go to school before Concordia, although Grant Macewan seems so far away!!

Do not worry about tomorrow!

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