Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Good Bye

I can not believe that school is almost over! I am really getting ready for it to be done, but this is my last year at Concordia! I dont want to say good bye but I have to! But I know I must move on. I have posted an article I wrote for the Blue and White! (I dont know if it got in, but meh!) I hope you enjoy it, and please continue to pray for all the students during this time!

“Good bye’s the saddest word I’ll ever hear”. Another year is coming to a close, students are rushing to finish that last paper, finish that final project, or study for that brutal final that will be there before they know it. Yet, something else sneaks up, good byes. Soon the halls of Concordia will be empty and Tegler will no longer be filled with the common chatter we hear each day. Some welcome this time with open arms, and others, well others can’t believe that it is over. This is my last year at Concordia; I am moving on and can not believe that it is over. I have so many fond memories of this school, every hall way and many class rooms hold special memories for me. I will never forget karaoke in Tegler, so loud that even if you wanted class you couldn’t, mission trips and all the bonds mad from them. I will never forget “visiting” various offices just to say hi, and have people come to just say hi to me. I will always remember discussions with certain Profs, and striving to do my best. But most importantly I will always have a special place in my heart for the relationships that were formed here. People have come into my life and have changed it. I have grown in so many different ways, and when I leave Concordia, a little bit of my self is staying behind. But I must go and start the next page in my life. Good bye Concordia, God bless, I will miss you!

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It's good but whats tegler thats basically all I had to say

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