Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Neal Continued

So I was at work, and I thought there were something about Neal that I forgot to add. Important things, wonderful things that needed to be said. Neal inspires me. I have been a Christian my whole life, but Neal has not, and he lets his light shine. He does it in a different way then some would, but oh boy does it shine bright! And people can identify with him, because when you see him, you dont think holy christian boy.. nope you dont, But then when you get to talking to him, it is there. He has this way. Another thing that touches me is that he really doesn't hate kids. ( I dont believe him when he says he does, I still think he loves them) And a story that I love is one when he was working with a kid with a disability. And my heart just filled with love. YEah Neal!!

okay continuation done. HOmework to do. more posts later.

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Anonymous said...

Neal doesn't hate kids at all...he LOVES my brothers. or I guess my brothers love him. so he doesn't hate them.