Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Okay Folks, well I promised Neal I would write a whole post on him. (because he is going to do one on me!) And then I decided that it would be cool to do a post on all my friends. Although this may take some time, and it will probably go into the summer. And I might forget some people. (I probably will, i have lots of friends.) I am going to try. But I am starting with Neal because I am. So here it is folks all about Neal!

When I first met Neal I was a little taken back, I mean what do you say to a guy who has an interesting hair colour is wearing bright orange pants and has a ton of piercings? Well, because I was not used to it, but thought meh, he is bound to be fun. I dove right in. And a beautiful friendship began. Over last year Neal and I have shared some interesting memories. Including *spoons* and waking me up in weird and interesting ways. I took frequent naps last year in dorm. Neal has opened my eyes that beauty is in everyone, and that he is an amazing person! Did you know he is tons of fun to hang out with, and has a heart of gold. Oh Darn Neal I am breaking your cool calm shell. Neal makes me laugh in so many ways, and I have never been the same since I met him. One of my favorite memories of Neal is "jumping him" last year after christmas I was so excited to see him. And just hanging out with him. I am saddened that I never see him this year, and I feel that every time I am in guys dorm he is sleeping anyway. Another thing about Neal... he sleeps....A LOT! It makes me smile, Oh and the day that we had formal day at school (why because the boys decided) Neal looked well very good! (but sorry, not as good as Tim!) Anyway moving on.... Neal, I have some fun memories of you even this year. Trying to twirl me in the choir loft...(cough cough) And my birthday hug. (Need I say more!) But that my friends is Neal. Now I dedicate the comments to your memories of Neal... Because like I said this post is about him. Well and you can tell me if you really want me to write about you, or if you really dont want me to write about you. But MOSTLY write about Neal!
I heart you Neal!! And will miss you when I am gone!


Unknown said...

that was sweet...
how can anyone not love neal?

can i have one too?

morgan said...

everybody knows that the 'cool calm shell' is a facade anyways... haha ;)
but to agree with shannon, how CAN anyone not love such a "neat", amazing, intelligent person as neal?
both of you have done a beautiful job on your dedications to one another!

melancholy meditation said...

What can you really say about Neal? He makes quite the first impression.