Monday, April 17, 2006


Okay from now on.... Eric is Muffin!
Well what to say about Eric, I dont really remember when we started to become friends, I think it was when I met Scott. But I did meet him before. He was my dad in a play..How does this work seeing as how I am older? well I dont know, but Natasha wanted him as the dad! So he was, and we played! I actually thought his name was Chris for a while, until I was told different, and then we started Muffin. (who started it anyway, Muff? I forget!) But alas, Muffin and I have shared some laughs, and some good talks. It so happens that we where on the same mission team, and it is because of me that Muff loves "With Jesus in my Boat!" so much!!! (actually he hates it, but you know) we really got to know eachother then and i am so glad that we where put on the same team. I think God had something to do with it! Anyway, although I have not seen alot of Muffin this term, last one was a different story. Oh good old Horton and her wonderful ways. (cough cough gag gag!) Muffin, you are an increadable guy! You have amazing talents, and you are so much fun to hang around. You are an ear when someone needs to talk, and you can make people laugh when they need too! I am honoured to know you as a friend, and I will cherish our friendship! You have a way about you that is kind and caring, and I dont think you could intentionally hurt a flea. (well maybe a flea, but not a huge giant beetle, well maybe a beetle, but not a pretty butterfly!) Anyway you have showed Patience where really others would flip, and love when every thing seemed wrong! Thanks for making this year a special one. Peace out!
qoute of the day...(I dont have one, but I am sure muffin does!)

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Lauren said...

He wouldn't join in my torturing of a huge beetle last night, so your second assumption was correct.
And even when one tries not to laugh, he is able to make them laugh- something which is not an easy task!