Monday, April 17, 2006

Regan its your turn

what to say about Regan...............
Okay i am done thinking, My first memory of Regan is, crum I dont even remember how we met Rea, do you? I think maybe it was through Scott or something..My favorite memory of Regan is sitting in her bedroom, just talking, about anything and everything. I liked that, and when Regan sung me songs, oh and the song she wrote for me! Yes I love my song!!!! In fact now that I think about it, I have it in my head... "Its not me that your thinking of..." Anyway now that I have sung that I will move on. Regan is a friend that is always there for you. Even if you dont talk to her for a long time. (gag on the not talking) She will always be there if you need a friend. And I mean isnt that the most awesome thing ever! Regan is also very strong in what she believes and if she disagrees she will tell you! I will also remember Regan on the mission trip, telling me I needed a new verse! And gave me one. (I have it highlighted in my bible, but I forget what text it is at the moment. I will post it later! ) I thnk she was sick of Philippians 4:4. I will never forget seeing her when she came back from Bella Bella the first time. Oh man, she let that light shine bright there, and I think everyone of those kids that she touched changed! She is an amazing girl, and is a riot to have around. I will miss her SO much! Besides if it were not for her, I would not know who would marry me in my school. (in case Tim does not work out...dont worry no sign of that happening!)
Love ya Rea! Keep the light shinning!

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