Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Are you ready for NESSA!!!

So, Where did I meet Nessa? Well I met her last year at Suessical. (no I have not stopped singing the songs) But I never really talked to her. I actually talked to Quinn more. But alas, school started this year, and we where in prayer group together. And then our friendship flurished! Nessa and I have done some crazy things this year! Like: Getting lost going to my Aunts house from the video store, (we did not want to take the main road!) Also... OH reading books in the car while waiting for Quinn, Yelling Stella in the Medi center while we waited cause I sprained my foot. (I am still deformed!) Going to Hockey games, Travel bug in Save on Foods, and clearly just having fun with Tim and Quinn! Oh and things like picking names out of books for her baby! (archibald!)
I look up to Vanessa, and always will... well actually we are about eye level. Anyway she is an amazing Child of Christ, and is totally an inspiration for all of those around! She makes me smile, and has a caring and compassionate heart! I can not wait till she becomes a mom, cause she is going to make the best one! I Love ya Nessa!!


Anonymous said...

I second the comment on her making a GREAT mom and I have to add that Quinn will be an equally GREAT father

Astley said...

Alyson you made me cry (when I finally ready mine)! I love you!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is ready for NESSA!

Thansk a bunch... it made me quite happy