Monday, April 17, 2006

Lets do another one:Scott

Who is Scott? Besides the worms in dirt man of eating? Well, Scott is strange, crazy, and a ton of fun! Who would have thought by the picture? I met Scott one day, I think Amber introduced us, I am not sure, all I know as we started to become friends. (not close yet, just friends) And he told me of his love for Sponge bob!? Anyway.... Moving on, so Scott and I got to know each other, and it was not long before his and matt's room in dorm was the place to hang out! Well, I was OFTEN there (my "room") and Scott and I started to get to know each other quite well. Now, well now he is one of my best guy friends and we often feed off each other to do crazy crazy things. Like you know I could one day be like," hey Scott lets go and jump in the puddles, and then he would be like, okay lets do that, so we would go jump in puddles and then i would push him, he would fall.... and we would laugh!" (this is often how our (my) planning would go, and I would talk out this whole senario, and would add we would laugh. and then we would go and do it!)
On top of being crazy, Scott has always let his light shine. My favorite part of our friendship is the talks we have about God, and our faithlife, and what God has done for us!" He once told me, and I agree, that I friendship that is based on God, is a friendship that will last forever! I like that!
So Scott, thanks for the memories! I cant wait till we crash each others weddings (when we finally get married, after we grow up...) and then we would laugh!
Be Gods!

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