Monday, April 17, 2006

All about Leah

everyone else your time will come!)
This post is about Leah

So I have known Leah for two years. But we never really got to know each other till the winter last year, when Neal said, "Alyson there is this girl who is as bored as you are... you should email her" so I did. And so a beautiful friendship began.

I think we drove Muffin mad after that with our NARF and well just being ourselves. We each had a "room" in guys dorm

What else can I say about Leah? Well a lot, but some of it, I can not tell you because it is just Alyson and Leah stuff. But I do have to say, that we have had some pretty fantastic talks.

Leah inspires me to do things that I never thought I could do. She wears her heart and her faith on her sleeve and is willing to share that with anyone. She cares about EVERYONE! and is a blessing to have in our lives.

I will never forget listening to her songs, and in fact... I might go listen to one now! And just talking about things.

Leah you are an amazing child of God and I thank him daily that He has placed you in my life!

oh and leah writes stories......(or so she says. :p)
Love ya girl!

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