Monday, March 27, 2006

My very first Hymn

So, I just finished writing my hymn. And I must say it is very nice. But alas I did not write the notes, We did not have to, and will not get a lower mark if we dont, so I did not. (because i did nto want to go that crazy!) But it is worded, and I am proud. I would like to say the tune is from the song At the Name of Jesus, and the text is 2 Timothy 2:11-13 (and even better, Tim picked the text!) And now I will let you in on the words! I hope its good enough for that A!

Faithful, by Alyson Bosch
tune: At the Name of Jesus
If we should die with God, we will also live
if we always press on, His kingdom He'll give.
But if we turn our back, and push Him away
He will never leave us, He will always stay.

Yeah that is my hymn! It did not need to be super long, it just needed to work, and I think it did, I hope it did! (I dont want to transfer the notes of a different song onto manuscript paper again)


Anonymous said...

I don't really have a comment but I am bored and have approx one hour til my bible study...

so I am just going to ramble on as long as this teeny tiny box lets me...

I think that I want to eat again but I just ate an hour and a half ago and even though I am 'cookin' a baby... that still sounds like too much food and it may make me go a little crazy in the noggin... and in that case your boyfriend (the crazy handholder) may have to look after me in my condition

I can't believe they haven't cut me off from this thing yet... don't they know I am an intruder that I like livejournal... not bogger baloney

Well, they can't stop me now I am the muffin man...

I live down the lane...

Fdjfhal dsga;orig

which means

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Alyson Sunny said...

YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!! (now i am going to your journal and writing nonsence... just because it will be fun!)

Anonymous said...

I agree with are CRAZY!