Friday, March 03, 2006

Hey its March!!

Its March and so many things have happened since I last posted... And you know now that I think about it, tomorrow is my one month!! (giggle!) So lets start from the beginning.... Febuary 4th I went to the opera with a most wonderful person! Anyway after that, I then went to west ed, kareoke and then Guys and Dolls with the same said wonderful person. ( I should fill you in... this wonderful person is a boy!) After that, we said good bye while I went off to Hawaii for a week. (sniff, I missed him so!!) I had a wonderful time in Hawaii and when I have pictures I will put them up here and will tell you of my trip. Although it is better to tell you in person! But then I got home, and I got to see my friends and (you guessed it) that wonderful person. Where we went public! (well we had already went public, but... choir, old ladies, gossip you know the story!) And so tomorrow is one month from the day we went out! If you have not picked up on this, I, Alyson am no longer a single girl! There is a wonderful boy in my life and I could not be happier, and I thank God for him everyday!


Lauren said...

I'm soooooo happy for you!
Keep me up to date with all the 'juicy details' so i can live vicariously through you!

Isaiah Eyre said...

:-D What a lucky guy, eh? ;-)

fiona said...

You both are such great folks - I am glad things are going well for you both! :-)

Emily said...

this totally rocks!!!! i love it *BIG GRIN* because you're special, and so someone else seems to be. i must say i approve. :P