Monday, July 19, 2004

Wedding Fever!

Well, have you ever felt like all that was happening in your life was weddings. Your neighbor gets married, your friends get married, people you have grown up with are going to get married. And there you sit, as single as a 1. Yeah that is me, and boy is it wonderful. You know, I am happy that peoples are getting married! But when you have a wedding every weekend, and none of them are your own, ya get a little bit sad. And the fact that one of my best friends is getting married on Saturday, and our 4th partner in crime, Ashley ( I miss you!) is not there to help celebrate. And, I have Friday off of work, only to go to another wedding. So here I am saying, weddings, they are starting to become like one of those fevers that you hate, but you can not get rid of easy. Yeah that's it, Oh well, not like I am complaining or anything. But wait that is what I am doing. Maybe I should get my act together and make it so that soon I will create wedding fever on someone else. All in good time I think, I am only a young one!!
Well, remember live life to the fullest cause you only live once!

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