Saturday, July 31, 2004


Well, I just got back from Camp Unity with one of the guys I work with. I had a blast. Although by the end of the week I was ready to go home. You know how it is. And I still have one more camp to do yet. Anyway, I really liked this one. It was not like Rehoboth, but it was great, and I met a bunch of wonderful people. I also worked on my tan just a little bit, and that makes me happy. Although now I am so tired, and can hardly do anything because I have no energy for it. But on Monday we are going skiing and that makes me happy. Although I did kinda want to go with my friends and hang, I am going skiing with the family, and I guess that is good cause I have not seen them for a while. Other then that, there is really nothing new in my life. I am ready for something exciting to happen but so far nothing. Oh well no chance waiting for something that you do not really expect hey.
Well peace out and smile lots.

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