Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The first one

Okay, So I was told to do this, cause it would be easier on everyone, that way you will all know exactly what I am doing. He he. But hey this is going to be the real me. No holding back here people, hence why I called it "All about Alyson" I think the best way to discribe me would be one of the poems that I have taking the liberty to write. so here,


Silently waiting,
Silently wishing,
for someone to hold on to.
Silently dreaming,
Silently praying,
for someone to love.
Silently crying,
Silently dying,
for someone to be near you.
Silently hoping,
Silently looking,
for someone to trust in.
Silently we wait,
Silently we pray,
For God to give us
our soul mate.

By Alyson

So when I think of anything more, I will post, but until then, keep smiling, never frown, cause Life is to short!

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