Thursday, July 22, 2004


Well I have had a good week, and then since we are moving, I was packing. And what did I find but some of my Oma's things. And it hit me, I am never going to see her on this life again. It kinda saddens me. I thought that I was okay, except when you get those days you know when BANG everything hits you and your like so sad. I mean she will never see me get married, or even have a boyfriend for that matter. She will never see me get my Arts degree, which she whole heartedly promoted, she will never hear me sing again. Or I will never listen to her talk about Opa, or play Organ, or all those cool things Omas do. It really hit me. And as usual, when something hits me I write about it. Another thing Oma loved, my poems. So Oma this one is for you!


Some times there are days
When I want to say
I love you.
And now it is hard to do
Cause I can’t see you
Because you are in Heaven
So instead I ask that God cares for me,
For my Mom, my Dad, and my family.
I pray that I will remember you
And how I know you loved me too.
I will miss you Oma through the years
But I promise to smile through my tears.
You meant so much to me,
More then you could ever see.
Good Bye Oma and this I pray
That I see you in Heaven,
One sweet day.

AB 2004

Remember Live life to the fullest, and tell someone you love them!

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