Wednesday, July 14, 2004

ARRRGGGG on school!

Okay, So I thought that everything was all worked out, and all I had to do was take this Art History course. Which I am starting to like. But then I get an email and phone call from the faculty of Rehabilitation, telling me that the registration still needs my actual certificate from HogeSchool Netherlands. So now I am still not a graduate, and I found out that it was the coordinators fault. AARRRRGGGG!!! But I went to Grant Mac today, and they actually wanted to keep my certificate. I said they could borrow it, but it was the only one that I got, and frankly I would like it back. So they took it with the promise it would be returned. Hopefully now I will get my diploma, and Concordia will let me in! Cross your fingers for me peoples! So yes the struggles of school still carry on. But slowly I will be able to say, hey I am finished!!!!!

Shoot for the Moon, cause if you miss, you still land upon the stars.

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