Saturday, July 10, 2004

Busy Girl, Busy Life

Well, I have just finished my first week of school. Our teacher told us that we had finished 5 weeks of class. Yeah in 5 days. I am starting to enjoy myself, and I even understand what I am studying for my mid term. YES. But there are new problems. Did you know that St. Albert Library only has like four good books on the Notre Dame, now how am I going to do my project on that, I need 15!!!! AHHH! And I work during the day after school, so do not have a lot of time in order to get some more. So I am stumped. Maybe it is time to make up a few books. ( he he) Ahh well, and I have a paper due on tuesday too. And weddings to go to. Ahh busy life for this girl. Oh well I figure I will all be for the good of it, so I will stop complaining. But if anyone wants to work for me, and then give me the money, or do my homework for me, then I am willing. Just a thought. Have a great one peoples, and remember There is no better thing then a surprise kiss from the boy you love. (or girl if your a guy!)

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