Wednesday, July 07, 2004

School, School, School!

Okay, so my school life has been kinda hectic. I mean, originally Grant Macewan said that I did not even go to Holland. HELLO I was there, I did go!!! Anyway now that is figured out, I found out that in order to go to Concordia this year to get my Degree in Music, Well in Arts but major music, minor drama, I have to take a course. Sure no Problem. But I start class and it is the most boring thing EVER! Ahh, the only consolation I had, was the fact that I saw Evan for the first time in like a year. I know, there was many an opportunity to see him before, but hey! (sorry!) Anyway, I hope to get through this cause if I don't no school for me, which means no choir. AND I WANT CHOIR!!! But, as I will say, although the skies are raining, behind the cloud there is always sun!

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