Sunday, July 11, 2004

Sunday Blues

Well today is the best day of the week. No work, no anything, but friends, family, and fellowship. I love Sundays. Now if I love Sundays so much, y do I have the blues. Let me explain. See Sunday night after church the young people normally go to a park and play soccer, or volley ball and have a fire. Well seeing as how it is raining we can not do that. So there was part of it. Second, I volunteered to have people over at our house. Well normally that is all fine and dandy, but I discovered we do not have anything in the house. So baking I went. And okay the biggest reason for having the blues. My Brother FORGOT me at church. I mean how can you forget me, Alyson the wonderfully vocal Alyson. Sure if I was quiet maybe, but hello this is me, NOT that quiet. So yes I saw him leave, and I tried to chase him, but wearing heels and a skirt, and blisters on my toes, equals not catching him. I am still not over it. Scared for life I am thinking. Ahh well. Tomorrow will be a new day.
Remember Love with all your Heart, Soul and Mind!

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