Friday, January 28, 2005

Standing in the open

So here I am, standing in the open.
I just want to say that I feel so much better having everything out and in the open. I am also so excited about my mission trip. I can not wait to go. OUr team is amazing. They are hard working and all excited to go! I can not wait. I can not wait to see how God is going to work in our lives. And how He is going to use us on our trip. I just pray that He guides us and that everything we do, is to the Glory and honour of Him.

Praise and worship went really well today. THe girls did a really good job with the drime, and the rest of the worship was really well done.

I am so glad I have such great friends. Sometimes though I wish that Ashley came to my school because it would make things so much more perfect. I would love it. But alas she goes to the university, and not concordia. Oh I love that girl. She can not be replaced. I love my friends at school, but nothing compares.

I am so happy that I am at this school. I am learning alot and I have some very strong friendships. I was telling one of my friends that no matter how we look at it, we will always be part of each others lives and no matter what we will always remember eachother. Isn't that grand! I like that alot.

I thank God so much for giving me so many blessings.

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Amber says:

I thank God for you. ;)

Amen to all those things you said, I'm glad that friday's chapel went well, minus the little biddy at the end but yes! lol. We are very blessed.