Monday, January 31, 2005


So calling all those who want to do my homework for me. I have to write an essay in english class. The poems I have to right about are relationship poems. Ones envolving breakups. And I have to compare them. How am I going to do this. Ahhhh. I could write a poem on the lack of boyfriends, and heartaches and breakups, but to compare poems. And at this time, it is just depressing. Utterly depressing!

I want to be able to do really good in this class. I want to kick butt because I love english! But how can I do it. I want to add one of my poems to the end of it. Just because I think that would be fun. And I want to know what my teacher thought of my presentation... I wonder if she would tell me if I emailed her. Hmmmm. Maybe I would do that and then ask her about the poems at the same time. Or maybe i can go there tomorrow, with part of my essay and get her to look at it. Yeah maybe I will do that. and then ask about my presentation, because I think I did good, but I do not know.

Sometimes I hate school. Sometimes I feel so dumb and I do not know what I am going to do. But I talked to Ashley today and she was like Alyson what is your dream. what do you want to do. So here I am working my butt off, because Ashley is right, Like most of the time. I love her for it too.

And then there are the other reasons......AMBER!!! I do not know what I would do without her. She makes me so happy sometimes. And Rhonda and Scott, to be able to say, I need to pray guys, and have them totally drop everything to do that. YIPPEEE! I love all of my friends.

And regardless of how I hate school, I still have to have fun, and I still thank God that I am in school. Because I am still learning so much, school wise, spiritual wise, and friend wise.

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Anonymous said...

Alyson, i'm so proud of what you are doing and what you will accomplish when your finished!!! keep smiling your beautiful smile and keep your head up!!
luv ya tons