Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The count is on!

Some would call me crazy, others are just going to laugh. But I want to go back to school. I am counting the days, there are 6 left. Sigh, I think I have turned into a Keener! Either that or I am just anxious to see my friends again, but I see most of them in 3 days! I know, I know I am in need of a life.

Two of my favorite people from school came over yesterday. It was wonderful! I missed them lots, and it was just great to see them again and to hug them. I Do not know what I am going to be like on Friday. Maybe I will play it calm, cool and collected. YEAH RIGHT! I will be excited. But you know what that is okay, because I am aloud to do that. Just as long as I am a good excited and not a scary excited. Well they can always dunk me in the pool if I get over heated. Tee hee.

And then on Monday I start classes again. YOu know whats funny. I started to read some of my text books. Probably because I was bored, and I had nothing better to do. Ahh well that is okay. As long as I keep it up during the year. I counted, I have 7 classes but I am dropping one on Thursday so I will only have 6. AHHH what am I going to do. That is kinda scary, and I have no time. But you know I did it last term so I will do it again this term. And I will do it well.

I will strive to be the best that I can be in this new year. I will get better grades, and I will maintain a positive attitude. And I will continue to be me!

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