Sunday, January 02, 2005


So, today I got a phone call from the Gambles. It was wonderful, I miss them and I thought I would see Kels on Friday for swimming but now they decided they are coming in on Sat. morning. Now I will not be able to see Kels at all until maybe sunday when she might come to my church!!! Yippee! And maybe Scott can come too, and I will tell Rhonda cause I know she wanted to.

Tomorrow I see Andrew and Amber! I was supposed to work, but they phoned saying it will be to cold. So I don't have to do that either. That makes me happy!

But anyway, my New years was really good. In the beginning I was not sure how good it would be, cause things just seemed alittle wierd. But after they got better. I like the fact that we opened the new year with Bible reading and prayer. It is Wonderful to remember who actually gave us this year. And then we went and crashed the adult party to say happy new year to them. It was fun. Then Ashley and I went in her van and prayed. It was probably the best part of the evening. Being able to pray with Ashley. It is a memory that will stick in my head! I love her so much. And I thank God for her everyday. Except now the tables are turned because instead of her worrying about me, ( I have almost resolved that issue, it just has to be put to the test when school starts.) I am now worrying about her. I pray for her, and I pray that things will turn out for the best. And what ever happens is the Lords doing. And I just want to always be there for her, to hold her when she needs to cry. To be with her when she needs me. And just to be that ear. I hate when she is upset, and I want to make it better, but I do not know how this time. Ashley I love you.

Arissa is another one on my mind. Vern is leaving for Bible college next week, and she is staying here. She is having a hard time because most of her boyfriends have lived far away.
And the fact that we never talk anymore. It kinda makes me sad. I was there for Christmas, but she was only there for 10 minutes. I guess that is what happens when you have a boyfriend. And really I can see them getting married. But that is okay because I really like Vern. He is fun to talk to and easy to get along with. So I am okay if she marries this one. (not like I would have a say! besides no to being in her wedding but like that would happen!) But She is always on my mind too.

It is so great to have friends and at this time, I would like to thank the Lord for blessing me with a large array of friendships.

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