Saturday, December 11, 2004

Rock for life

Yesterday I went to something called Rock for Life. It was amazing! I went with Scott, Lewis and Brieanne. I was just so empowered by it. It was good to witness and to pray for the babies that were being killed across the street. And for the mothers inside. It was really sad. There were a few times when I was about to cry, and then when I almost felt like falling, cause I was so sad, But I knew that God was there with me and everyone else as we made a stand. It was not like we were yelling at people that were going in. we were just standing across the street praying for them. It must be really hard to go there and do that. It sends Shivers of sadness down my spine. I know that those children will be with their maker again, and really that is the most amazing place to be. But it is so sad. So very sad.

The visit
She walks into a room
Why it seems so sad she knows.
It was not her fault
She didn’t have a choice.
There is no other way out.
“I’m sorry mom for failing you,
I’m sorry for the hurt.
I’m sorry dad for not telling you,
I have to let it go.”
She sits there waiting
The tears roll down her face.
“I’m sorry baby for hurting you,
But there is no other way.”
She lies there on the bed
Waiting to be done.
It will not hurt at all
At least that’s what he said.
All of a sudden it’s over
She feels all alone
She hears her baby crying,
And she lets out a moan.
“It’s okay my darling
God has you in His hands.
I am okay my darling,
I promise that I am.
She sits there on that bed
For another minute more.
When she is at home,
She sees a little toy.
And thinks
“That could have been for my little girl or boy”

Alyson 2003

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