Monday, December 20, 2004

I miss people

Just wanted to say that I miss people! I miss Ashley so bad. And I also miss Amber something horrible. AHHH! I can not wait till I can see them. I did alot of thinking, and thanks Deb for your words of encouragment. I know that I will not leave school. And the friends that I have made I am going to treasure forever. it would be the worst thing if I did not. If all of a sudden I did not talk to any of them. Or was distant. That is not me either. I just have to be more careful of what I do. I mean if all of a sudden I stopped talking to lets say Amber well she would kill me, and I would really not be a happy person. She is an amazing person and a big part of my life. Really she is like the Ashley of College. ( that is a good thing Amber!) Although no one could replace Ashley. I love her tons! Don't worry guys I love you too! Well I am glad that I thought alot yesterday, I feel better about alot of things. Have a good one.

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