Sunday, December 04, 2005

The pre Christmas Dinner

So I never actually posted one of the best days/nights that I have had in a long time. The wonderful day happened on the 26th of November. Well actually it started on the 25th. So Friday I go to my singing class, and then swimming I go. Only it was bring your parents to the pool so Scott and Kels brought mom and dad Gamble, and Charlotte brought Mom Mackin. It was glorious fun. After some serious basket ball, Scott and i went into the steam room, where we were given the treat of listening to like 5 diggaridoes in the steam room. They say the sound comes better with the steam. Anyway it was awesome.

So Sat. Comes around and well we have 14 people over for dinner. Now this was a wonderful dinner because the students of concordia made it, with mom and dad Gamble. First we all split off in teams, ( i was team desert with Lauren and Chris) and then we went shopping. Well after that it was making our food. Giggle Chris and Lauren can sure fork chocolate cake. (we made an all chocolate triffle! YUMMY) So then we went and made fancy decorations down stairs. But first I had to fight off Eric cause he was trying to steal our triffle.(see above picture!) Its true he was, and before the picture I was winning, and I would like to say, I did end up winning anyway! It was grand.

After that I went to go see Filumena the Opera!! OH SO GOOD! I was just captivated and sat on the edge of my seat during the first act. I had tears running down my face and i was just amazed. It was brillant, and I can not wait till the next opera comes in Febuary. Yeah!! So that was my wonderful days of days. And I will have to write about my week, because monday is Micheal W Smith, Tuesday is Caroling and hot chocolate at the presidents, and Wednesday is roller skating! YEAH!!! and then friday exams start. AHHH.

Anyway Have fun!

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