Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Christmas Over

Well, one Christmas dinner down and one to go! I can not believe that Christmas is over already and next week at this time it will be January 2 2006! Where does the time go? Christmas was wierd this year. I mean church and stuff made it seem like Christmas, although we did not sing Er-re Zig God (dutch song, old Tradition) AGAIN! I feel we are loosing our roots sometimes and where we all came from. But that is a whole new post and right now I dont want to get into it. But after Church in the afternoon, i went to sleep and did not wake up till 7:00pm and then ate some left over ham and cheese and stuff, then went and worked on stuff for my parents anniversary. I would love to tell you what it is, but I can not because because they do not know yet. Bwah ha ha!

So yeah, it was wierd yesterday, but today I am looking forward to seeing all of my cousins and hanging out with them. And then tomorrow I get to hang with my parents. I just wish that this feeling of I dont know sadness, or some other inexplainable feeling would go away so I could enjoy myself more. But I know that I will.

But anyway Have a wonderful rest of the week! Enjoy life and smile, remembering that it is because of God that you will be blessed with a new year!

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-J said...

2 Christmas diners for you!! Lucky lucky, your so lucky.

I really mean, my families only had or going to 1. The one we hosted