Saturday, December 17, 2005

I should be making Banana bread

Hello wonderful people that read my blog! An almost merry christmas to you! did you know that I have been bloging for like a year and a half now. How fun is that. And completly irrelivent to anything. Anyway.. School is over for the semester!!! I am so happy I could cry. And you know, as much as I love my friends, I really dont think that I will miss them as much as I did last year during the break. Call me crazy, but I really dont think i will. I think I can say that because I know that I will be seeing Leah sometime... I better, I can't see LWW without her. (lion witch and wardrobe) and if she has seen it already, I will cry! (I really will!) Anyway.
I am now only working one job, the one with my boys. I was working another one, but due to some things I am no longer there. (I will tell you if you want to know, but probably on a personal level) Anyway I am happy about that.
On Thursday I went to my boy's christmas concert. (I say my boy cause I work with him Alot!) we will call him K! Anyway K made me so proud, and i am not even his mother. YES!
I work with K all next week, and then when he is on holidays, i get to work with someone I have nto worked with in a long time. But still have my evenings off. Hint hint to those that want to hang!
Yesterday i went to the Messiah with my family! WOW! I was blown away. okay so I have heard good singing before, but really this was fantastic. And the coolest thing was I did nto move. My mom was bugging me because normally i fidget. I do, its true if you knwo me you would agree. Anyway I did not move until intermission, and then again until we had to stand for the Halleluiah chorus. It was so awesome. And I saw some of my friends that was awesome too.

But I should be making banana bread because mom asked me too. Have a great wonderful night


Astley said...

I have NOT seen LWW worries!

Where were you sitting for Messiah? I was on the second balcony first row dead center...I went with grandma much fun!

Alyson Sunny said...

I was second balcony, second last row dead center. It was grand! HUGS

Astley said...


How'd we miss each other?

Astley said...

nevermind...i suppose different nights would do the trick...oops...giggle

Anonymous said...


Banana bread sounds great to me. Please send me a slice.


-J said...

Be thankful you wern't sitting beside me that night