Saturday, December 03, 2005

my life as we know it

So I have not written in a long time. Well thats fun! So I thought I would write so that you all know what is going on with my life at this wonderful moment. Yesterday was Developmental Disabilities awarement day. (basicly making people aware of different disabilities.) I celebrated!

So what has been going on in my life. Well I have been really busy because I have exams soon and papers to finish. (in fact i am supposed to be writing one right now, but I am taking a break.) I am doing really well in all of my classes and hopefully my exams dont make it seem as if i am doing bad. :) They will not. Speaking of exams... I have my drama final on monday. Now normally I would be all excited about this, but this time I am not really. I am just praying that it will work. I know that there has been some hard work put into it and for that I am forever thankful, but this has been the hardest group project I have ever done. Now dont get me wrong I love most of my fellow actors, and feel as if they are doing a wonderful job. ( you know who you are) There are just some that are not doing what they should be doing, and it is ruining the group dynamic. But you know sometimes that happens so we will just have to deal with it.

Yesterday I spent the evening with my best friend. I loved it, we went out for dinner to Red Robbins (YUMMY) and then went to go see a movie. AeonFLUX. It was so good. I enjoyed most of it, but there is one gross part with lots of blood and I dont like that, but Shley saved me, and told me when I could look again. It was kinda gross, she said my face just went white. Giggle I love me and blood. So then after that we went to Death by Chocolate. Oh boy did I almost die! It took us like 15 minutes to deside what we were going to eat. And when we finally did, WOW! I think I have to take Laura there one day... Or anyone else who wanted to come. Shley and I said that if ever, the Lord willing, we get married, we will have our bridal party there. (or take our bridesmaid there) And we both decided that it would be the best place to take someone on a date. I mean what girl can resist having a boy buy chocolate for them. And the setting is quiet and wonderful for the first time dates. (And dont worry Matt, there are no salt and pepper shakers to knock over) Oh it was SOOOOO good. And the company wasn't bad fact the company was wonderful and probably the best that I have had in a long time. No offence other wonderful friends, but she is my bestest friend in the world and I missed her!

Well now that that was over I went over to another friends house for their engagment party. While there I saw some people I have not seen for a long time. That was nice. So anyway here is a funny story and i now have the wonderful bruises to prove it. So there were streamers up, they were pretty high, I think around 6'6" because they went up to Robs nose, and he had 3 more inches to go. Anyway they were trying to kick them. Jeff could cause he is 6'4" but Katherine and I tried. Well Katherine missed, but then it was my turn. So I get ready and I Kick really high. Remember I am only 5'7" so that is a long way up. I did not think I could make it. Anyway so I do. (thank you thank you) But I think the only reason I hit it was because i was in the air. I forgot to mention, the streamers were in the kitchen, the kitchen floor is slippery, and I was wearing socks. So after doing my wonderful beautiful kick, I fly up into the air, and wait for it, no i do not fall on my butt, that would have been better. I fall on my side. Yes my side. Because I was doing a side kick. Oh it was so funny, but now, well now I have a bruise that is huge. I would love to show it off, but I will not cause it is in a place where I will not be showing anyone. (Upper thigh) Anyway It was funny, we all laughed, and they told me to stop drinking. Funny thing was, I hadn't had anything to drink since 9:00 and that was water. ( i think it was tiredness or something) But I told them i was thankful I was not getting married cause then they would all remember it for my wedding and tell the story. AHH!

So now today i am sitting at home doing papers, I might attempt to clean my room, and help my mom unpack grocieries when she comes home. And then do stuff with the church tonight. Then on monday i am going to Micheal W Smith!!!!!!!! YES! I am so excited. Well have a great day.


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