Wednesday, August 31, 2005


So today I was back in the hussle and bussle. Ahhhhh! I can not believe that it is starting again. How crazy it is that we are about to start another year of school. I thank God for that.

So I have been blessed enough to see most of my friends this weekend. (Leah I am waiting patiently) I have also been able to talk to some of them. Oh how wonderful it is. Although I did not really talk to one as much as I should have... Maybe I will call tonight. In fact yes yes I will.

But OH I am so excited that I am about to start school soon. God is truly a great God.

I am thinking of a song its a little kids one but meh

"Praise Him Praise Him all you little people,
God is Love, God is Love!
Praise him Praise Him all you little people.
God is Love, God is Love!"

Have fun and stay in school cause it is cool


lilshortbread said...

LOL glad ur enjoying urself...
i kno that song as "...all the little children..."

Astley said...

Where are you? I'm trying to get in touch with you. Call me!
I'm happy happy happy to see you soon!

Alyson Sunny said...

It is all the little children I goofed.

Unknown said...

i loved that song in sunday school...