Friday, August 19, 2005

I love my job

So, the parents of one of the boys I work with, wants to get him started in music. Yeah thats right music. And who to start him but me! Oh I am so excited! Because he also likes arts and crafts so we are going to learn about music by making some instruments, and then playing them. I will also have some info for him on posterboard. And each time we make something else we can put a picture of the instrument and some of the things it likes to do. So so far we are going to make a guitar. (well I will be taking mine) We will also make a rain stick, and a tamborine. Yep thats right. So now I have to get pictures of those things, and buy posterboard. I hope it works. I am going to go and find some cool songs for the guitar. I think I will make them all tonight, and then let him pick what one he wants to make. Oh I am SO excited. What a chance to start working on the job that I dream to do one day. Yippee!!!!

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