Saturday, August 06, 2005

A poem and then some

Hello God
I needed to talk to You today,
So I am taking time to pray.
You are my savior
You are my Lord.
You give me strength
When I am weak.
You help me always
YouÂ’re the one I seek.
I love you God
And all You do.
You are my Father
And I'm your child
I know that too.
I thank you for
The friends you give,
The love you share
That helps me live.
I thank You for
My family
They are always there
To strengthen me.
I thank you Father for all things.
All this I pray

By: Alyson Bosch ‚‘03

How awesome is our Lord!! I am just so happy that he is my savior and that I can pray to him and thank him for everything I have. I wrote this poem two years ago when I was just so overwhelmed with the love my heavenly Father bestowed on me. I am still overwhelmed, knowing I deserve nothing, and yet I have everything. Family, friends, love and happiness. I do not care about the other things like money. Why would I when I know I am in God's care?

Makes me think about my Job, I mean I am almost done for the summer, and I am kind of thankful. This summer was a very hard one for me. But I think that was also God, telling me that I need more patience ect. But I mean I look at it, and I am not making a lot of money Barely enough money to get me into school. But I know that I will be able to go. Because Concordia is the place were God wants me right now.

I am in this profession because I love what I do. I love being able to see someone pick up a fork and eat without having done it before. I love having conversations with someone who not very often can talk about something real. I love being able to laugh over the silliest things, and do silly things, and not looked down on. I love being able to use the talents God has bestowed on me. I love the people I work with. And I believe that each and every child that I come across this summer whether it be daily during my regular job, or when I was at camp. Have changed my life just a little bit. I will never forget the kids. I may want to forget some of the days, but never the kids, and never the fact that I made a difference in their life, even if it was just by being there. How wonderful and how blessed is the Lord that He has given me the chance to feel this, and the oppertunities do do what I am doing.

I can not wait till school starts. I mean, okay that sounds kinda dumb but I want to learn. I know I have been learning alot this summer. But now I need book learning. I am so ready to get my nose in a book and learn. To be able to study so that I can be one more year closer to my dream of being a music therapist. How wonderful and exciting. I am also excited to see my friends. I have not seen some of them for four months. And although it has been a good four months away from them I am starting to miss them, I am starting to miss the fact that we can talk about alot of things, and that I can learn through them. I know God put them in my life for a reason. Yippee for them. I can not wait to have discussions about anything and everything. I am also excited because school starting means Ashley is home for the year. I miss her more then I miss any of my other friends. She is my hero, my best friend. THe one that I can count on for anything. And to think that I get to see her soon, makes me so happy!

I leave you with this thought, how often do we look at everyday beauty and forget to realize that it was created by our heavenly Father. Let us praise Him with everything we have!


Anonymous said...

heres another thought (from one of your lesser friends :P if only i could be Ashley...hehe j/k)

DYK: God could have made the world black and white...I mean truly what good does colour do in the world?!? NOTHING. he only made it colourful so WE could enjoy it. nothing else sees the beauty in green grass or snow covered mountians. heck half of the animals around are colourblind. There was no NEED for colour. God just wanted to make something a little more wonderful then it had to be. Just for us to look at. So next time you stare at that beautiful blue stream or gaze on the yellow sun-flower you can think to yourself "wow, He made that beautiful just for ME!"

just a thought

Alyson Sunny said...

I love it! It is so true and it sure makes me appreciate colours more.
and Regan, you are not a "lesser" friend, dont worry. Love ya

Henners said...

what BLOG SPAM? Disgusting..

Anonymous said...

WOW i want spam in my almost intrested in calling that number and seeing what it really is....any takers

Anonymous said...


Someone once told me that God could have made flowers without any scent and it would still perform its function, He gave the flower scent for us to enjoy. That is true with rocks, shells, as well as flowers.

Anonymous said...


You have a way with words. Keep it up.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

hmm, intresting, good to know
I'll add that to my bank of knowledge.

Anonymous said...


Ask Leah for a link I sent her yesterday about a group that went to Klemtu the week after we were there. If she does not have it, have her give you my email address.
I will send it to you. You may recognize some of the children.