Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fuzzy Wuzzy

This is a poem written by my brother... I just thought I would share. I might have to write more, he could be showing me up!

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
With all the others having hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy was quite Rare

Fuzzy Wuzzy was in despair
Cause all the other bears had hair
The other bears gave quite a scare
To Fuzzy Wuzzy they said "beware"

This made Fuzzy Wuzzy stare
At the wall, which was quite bare
Fuzzy longed to be in a barbers chair
Where cut would be his magnificent hair

But alas, Fuzzy Wuzzy did declare
I have no chance, I'll never have hair
And I'll never be a real bear
Not even with great care

The other bears in disrepair
Were mean to Fuzzy everywhere
The even tore his underwear
Poor Fuzzy needed medical care

Fuzzy sat in his easy chair
Whishing perhaps for an electric chair
With a loud puff of air
A magic fairy was suddenly there

The fairy asked "why are you so unaware?"
Of the principle of Laissez Faire
Under which I can legally sell fake hair
The fairy with a loud voice did declare

Fuzzy became out of air
His chest tight, would he take the dare
Fuzzy glanced at the vanity fair
And decided to buy the fake hair

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had fake hair
When Fuzzy walked in times square
Fuzzy felt he was walking on air
HB 2005


Anonymous said...

umm, that was strange...

Henners said...

What Can I say?

I get odd ideas sometimes and then I run with em.

Astley said...

I liked it...I liked it a lot. I always felt bad for Fuzzy Wuzzy. Now that I know what happens, I feel muuuuuuuuccccccccchhhhhhhh better!

Always quirky,

Henners said...

*sniffles* awwww.. Thanks Leah.. I'm glad I could bring meaning and thoughts of hope to Fuzzy Wuzzy...

*snort, chuckles...*


Anonymous said...

Sorry i didn't know you wrote that... I thought it was an old poem. like the real poem from fuzzy wuzzy that nobody really knew about...
fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair
so fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy WUZZY?!? (found here along with danceing bear)
you know what i'm talking about?!?

sorry again

Alyson Sunny said...

Well Henry, You are turning into a poet. Leah, I feel that I am being outed by my brothers weirdness. But that is okay, because unlike him, my poems well they...... Anyway, :) Regan, I know what you ment, and I liked the dancing bear.

Henners said...

reagan.. yep.. I ripped off the orig.. Im not totally creative.. lol.