Thursday, June 16, 2005


Here I am sitting behind my computer again. This seems to happen everyday. And I am on for the same reasons. Teen Club. Yep sure am, but everyday I get distracted by something else. How horrible of me, what kinda leader am I if I can not write a simple Devo. And it has to be done by tomorrow. Meaning I need to get it done. Meaning AHHHHHH! So why am I writing in my blog. Good question. I think cause I can not think of anything to write that is a good devo. It will come to me, it always does.

I can't believe this is the last meeting of the year. I loved it so much. Sometimes as my friends can attest, I disliked doing the work. I think cuase I was so busy already with so much stuff. But once I sat down and did it, it was wonderful. These kids are so smart!

Anyway, things are good I have no complaints. I love life. I love being who I am and having fun. I am even hanging with people I have not hung with for a while. And Love it! YIPPEEE. Although I still miss everyone else. But its not like I am alone! ( I was never alone) Ahh the joys of summer.

But I should get back to writing, I think I got something

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