Monday, June 06, 2005

I felt moved

Isn't it funny when you finish writing something, then all of a sudden you feel moved. Well here it is.

You changed my life
and made me see
how precious someones life can be.
You struggle with life day by day
And you try really hard to be able to say
Everything that you are feeling
and everything that you know.
One day your wisdom will be able to show
Others who you really are.
I wish I could hold you
and make it alright,
I wish I could change you
so you get through the night.
I know that I help you
with all that you do.
I know that I have taught you so much too.
Together we will show them
how smart you can be
Together we will help you
Stand up for people to see!
That you are amazing and so very smart,
that you yourself are a great piece of art!
Alyson Bosch '05

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