Monday, June 06, 2005

need to feel it

I need to feel the need to write. I am loosing focus, maybe nothing has happened really in my life that I can write on. When I mean write, I don't just mean a story of the day. NO I can do that when ever I want. I like writing storys. But I mean poetry. I need something to move me. someone move me! I could write on not feeling moved. But that would be dumb. Anyway, I am not unhappy just unmotivated. I will have to think of something.


Astley said...

This is how I feel about my stories. They just aren't coming to me. I know I need to sit down and just start them, because that's when they start coming, but it's hard with lots of interruptions.

It's frustrating me to not provide for you guys! ;)

Henners said...

dont worry, be happy. ... dont worry.. .be happy.... You give me your phone number, when you worry I call and make you happy. and I dont know the rest.. Happy Days!

Alyson Sunny said...

HAPPY DAY! *giggle* Henners I do not need you give you my phone number that would be odd, you not knowing your own phone number hmmmmm. Strange!

Leah, don't worry the storys will come honest...if not I will write it and write your name bwah ha ha ha ha ha.