Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I have no other ways to discribe this blog but *giggle* Last night Alyson had a life. I know it was wonderful. And for her life she went out with her brother and three wonderful people. (yep your wonderful) The fact that we had more fun and spent less money bowling then those wanting to go and watch Star Wars, makes it even better. Okay so I was over tired, and that means I had no control over myself. (no not that way!) Giggle, I was well, very giggley and on the verge. Nope I was hyper. It was fun. So I will give you a run down on the evening.

So bowling was 10 pin. Oh so much fun, so much better. Anyway the girls (the three wonderful people) do not go 10 pin very often. Not to say I do either, but for this story I do go more often. Anyway, to watch them bowl was very fun, and I laughed alot. As did everyone else. The brother tried wierd things while bowling, and was out to get me. But I WON! The Aly(i)sons won! YIPPEE we rule. And I must say that we established that she and I were joined but were seperated at birht and she got the extra leg height, that is why she is taller. But we are SO alike it is creepy! Everyone there thinks so.

So then after a grand evening of bowling, we went to BPS. The same one were the crayon eating happens. (a whole nother story!) Yep, there the fun continued with colouring and just fun random things. My sides still hurt from the laughter.

Although, I do think that my tiredness made it that I was totally unaware how crazy I was. I realize that wow, I have not been that way for a while. Giggle, but I did not harm any body, and I would not take back what I did. I had to much fun. And I am willing to do it all over again. You game girls???

Over and out.
ps. I rule at 10 pin yeah!


fiona said...

It was indeed great fun, wasn't it?! :-)

lilshortbread said...

W0000T!! :-D It was a blast! and you bet the aly-isons rock! ;-) *buahahaha* :-D
WE must do it again! :-D

CraftyHourMom said...

heehee read my post. for the record, i posted before i read yours.
ditto on a sequel.