Saturday, May 07, 2005


So yesterday was the wedding of my really good friends. I must say the person playing piano was wonderful. (ahhemm ahhemm!) But I can not believe it though another one of my class mates is off and married, and here I am as single as I can be. I know that my life is totally in God's hands, and I just have to leave it there. But sometimes it is just so hard. I mean I have a ton of guy friends, but.....Ahhhh. Sorry just frusterated a little bit. I know I have to be happy with what I have. And do not get me wrong I totally am. But you know when you just feel like something is missing. And you see all of your friends start to get married. Kinda sucks a little bit. Anyway.

So the summer has begun. I am working outside, and at the moment loving it. I mean the outside is wonderful and I love getting dark and all that jazz. But I also can not wait until I am working at my "real" job for the summer. Oh I have so many glorious things planned!

Tonight I get to see some friends from school, and next week I get to see some more. That makes me so happy. I am excited. Oh and I have the most wonderful movie in the world. Phantom belongs to Alyson!!! YES!

Smile even when you are feeling down, because you never know who can fall in love with your smile!

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CraftyHourMom said...

hey there, alyson!
thanks for the great time i had with you guys yesterday.

-btw, i know the feeling- keep your chin up! :-)