Monday, May 23, 2005


Blah, its raining, and that is suited to my mood!
I have been talking to a couple people on MSN and it makes me miss them. And I have been getting emails and such from everyone. I love that. And I was able to talk to Ashley.

So Why am I blah? I think it is because they are all not here. I hate that. And I am sick. I thought I would be better by today so that I could go to work. But I am still sick. I hate it!

Anyway........ I have not written a poem for a while and my creative juices are not flowing. I hate when that happens. But I know that it will come back.

I am also having a hard time being me sometimes. I hate that things do not come easy. Although I am truly myself with some people, with the people that I have only met like a few months ago.

So one of my friends is pregnant, I am happy for her.

I just want to be held! I miss talking to people about things and praying about it right away. I miss just being held. I miss hugs and encouraging words. I miss hearing "hey babe" or ALLLYYYY!!! or "hello Beutiful!" All of a sudden I feel alone! And I hate it!


lilshortbread said...

*hugz* hey aly! prayin' u feel better soon! :-)

Henners said...

Listen up there Sis.. Feel better!!! Did that work... Rats. Well then. How about..

Henners said...

oops.. Click the time ofr a nice suprise... I forgot to close my tag.. rolf.